Monday Artwork is a clothing brand that combines a minimalist approach to style with a little twist. With us, opposites attract. We break up classic cuts with unobvious details, primary colours with original textures. Correct classics with fashion madness is our definition of a style that never goes out of fashion.


Our brand has its own dedicated production in the centre of Warsaw. We have an on-site cutting room and a team of experienced seamstresses. Every piece available in our shop is hand sewn on site.

We also work with experts from across Europe in areas such as leather, knitting and embroidery. Our woollen scarves are produced in a certified factory in Italy.


We visit the Paris trade fair twice a year to search out the best fabrics, accessories and fabrications for you. We try to use natural or recycled materials. We choose fabrics that are safe and kind to your body. We first sew a prototype of each fabric to see if it is suitable for a particular model.

We are constantly looking for new and better manufacturers and solutions. Owning a brand means constantly working to improve it.


We try to avoid overproduction. As a result, we do not keep large stocks, but sew our products on an ongoing basis. The fact that our production is local means that we reduce the carbon footprint associated with transport.


Thanks to our own sewing room, we can offer our customers tailor-made products for their silhouettes. If you have an unconventional figure and need more tailored models, send us a message. We will try to help you.

Luiza Kubis, the brand’s designer, also creates premium designs, sewn individually for the customer.


We strive to act consciously, so the re-use of offcuts or packaging is important to us. Do you have any ideas on how to use fabric offcuts? Are you involved in quilting, embroidery or any other craft where you could use fabric offcuts? Write to us! Together we can create something special.

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