Day to night pieces that can be worn in various different ways.

Monday Artwork was created out of love for fashion, fun and adoration of the nonchalant form of femininity. It is a Warsaw fashion brand that combines a minimalist approach to style with a hint of extravagance. We want to create unique clothes that will give you self-confidence and fill the gaps on your hangers. Years of market observation have made us know how to build a capsule wardrobe that will be perfect for everyday use, going out, on vacation, for your worse or better days. Monday Artwork wants to accompany you everywhere and at all time.

In Monady Artwork, adversity attracts. Mixing classic with fashion nonchalance is our definition of a style that never goes out of trend. Fashion is also fun for us. Form, color, proportions. We break the classic cuts with an unobvious detail, the basic colors with the original fabric. We want to inspire you. Give you the joy of creative creation. Make it easier to express yourself. We are here to provide you with elements that will stay in your wardrobe forever, and you can build your style out of them according to your own sense and comfort. However, you don’t have to define it for life. That is why we will show you how you can experiment with fashion, and by styling your favorite Monady Artwork models, you can put them on many times in many ways. In projects with our label, you should first of all feel good, clothes should celebrate your femininity, body, mood, energy and lifestyle. It adapts to you, not you to him.

Just like building style, we also approach brand management consciously.

We do not release entire collections, we listen to your needs and provide you with the models that you like the most and want to wear. You are an integral part of the process of creating our brand. We create for you and with you. You deserve the best, that’s why we use good quality fabrics for the production of clothes and we want to find the perfect balance between price and quality.

With Monady Artwork, you won’t stand in front of your wardrobe next Monday, thinking “I have nothing to wear” because now each of your styling will be a small work of art.

Have fun!


Monday Artwork

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